The question is whether you need cold storage for the short term or the long term? If you are still confused about it, then we might be able to help devise a plan that works best for you while you remain within budget. We provide a self storage facility in International City Dubai that is one of the largest ones in town. We offer nothing but the highest service levels along with 100% customer satisfaction. But you would be wondering why choose our cold storage services in Dubai? Well, for starters, we have private and secure cold storage units that prevent any cross-contamination from other packages in the unit. Moreover, our temperature controlled environment makes it perfect to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth for any value perishable item. Also, any individual trusting us with their valuable items would want us to keep a close eye on the container, so you can get in touch with our 24/7 customer service. We are open all year round, even on holidays.

What more could one want? We have all the latest technologies, such as blast chillers, nitrogen gas, and much more to keep your items safe. One thing our customers love about our cold storage services is the easy payment options available. No one likes to go through extra hassle! One thing we can guarantee you is the cleanliness and utmost professionalism of our staff at all times. We understand how you are trusting and relying upon us for nothing but the best technical services in time of need! We have compartmentalized our units into frozen warehouses, cool warehouses, and custom bonded warehouses. You can choose the one that best serves you. However, if you are having any confusion about what would work best for your package, then you can consult with our experts to guide you better. Lastly, we pack each container quite nice and tight to ensure safety while being cost effective.

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